Jeff Bomberger

Author. Spiritual Guide.

I feel like I’ve lived a dozen lives in just this one lifetime. I was a child actor on TV before I quit to play sports through my sophomore year of college. Professionally, I’ve worked in the fitness industry, as a filmmaker and even in politics, but through it all my intuitive connection to spirit has been my quiet anchor.

I started meditating and channeling inspiration from spirit when I was a teenager and that connection has grown with me through the many seasons of my life. In 2017, I was called to begin sharing my spiritual journey and understanding with others.
Today, I spend a great deal of time sharing what I’ve come to understand about meditation, intuition and energy work through my direct experiences.
I am committed to helping others connect to their intuitive power and helping them understand how they can be a living, breathing expression of love in this world.

I am thankful to be of service and I look forward to connecting with you soon!