Jeff Bomberger

Author. Creator. Guide.

My mission is to help people cultivate powerful personal practices that help them tap into the peace, creativity and wisdom of their authentic self.

I’ve worn many hats on my journey: child actor, college athlete, fitness professional, filmmaker, political advisor, spiritual counselor — there are few stones I plan to leave unturned on this path! But underneath all of the ways I’ve chosen to show up in the world has been a quiet practice…
My journey with meditation and spiritual development began as a simple curiosity when I was a teenager, but it grew to be a powerful anchor that has guided me for much of my life. My continually evolving practice helps me find clarity in the fog, is a pathway to balance when I feel tension and it helps me unlock new dimensions of my own creative expression.
Today, I spend a great deal of my time sharing what I’ve learned with others and help them create the time and space to cultivate a deep spiritual awareness for themselves.

It is a privilege and an honor to be of service and I look forward to connecting with you soon!