Jeff Bomberger

Author. Meditation Coach. Intuitive Guide.

My mission is to help guide people back to their authentic spiritual selves and help them realize more peace, more balance and more creativity in their lives through meditation and intuitive contemplation.

Life has moved me in many ways on my path. In the past I’ve been a child actor and a college athlete. I worked in the fitness industry for a decade where I helped guide people on their wellness journey. I’ve been entrusted to tell the stories of political campaigns, social workers, people experiencing homelessness and those on the road to recovery. I’ve advised and consulted for local social and political leaders. I even produced an award winning short film during the pandemic. Yet, underneath much of this “doing” out in the world, has been a quiet practice…
My journey with meditation began as a simple curiosity when I was a teenager, but it grew to be a powerful spiritual anchor that helped bring more peace, more balance and more creativity into my life. It’s helped me find clarity in the fog, remain balanced in extremes, and find peace of mind in the face of challenges. Along the way, I’ve arrived at one simple question that I ask loving awareness when I am deep in meditation every day, “What do I need to know today for my highest good?” And then I listen with all my being for inspired answers to come…
This single question and the intuitive awareness that responds continues to transform my life to this day. Now, I spend much of my time sharing what I’ve learned with others to help guide them on their intuitive path to bringing more peace, more balance and more creativity into their lives so they may be empowered agents of change for themselves and the world they touch. This is the work I am humbly dedicated to today!

It is a privilege and an honor to be of service and I look forward to connecting with you soon!