Jeff Bomberger

Author. Creator. Guide.

My mission is to help people realize more peace, more balance and more authentic creativity in their lives through meditation, intuitive development and creative self-expression.

I’ve worn many hats on my journey: child actor, college athlete, fitness professional, filmmaker, political advisor, spiritual counselor — there are few stones I plan to leave unturned on this path! But underneath all of the ways I’ve chosen to show up in the world has been a quiet practice…
My journey with meditation and intuitive development began as a simple curiosity when I was a teenager, but it grew to be a powerful spiritual anchor that has helped bring more peace, more balance and more creativity into my life. My now evolved intuitive practice helps me find clarity in the fog, is a pathway to balance when I feel the tension of extremes and it helps me unlock the appropriate creative expression for the moment.
Today, I spend a great deal of my time sharing what I’ve learned and experienced with others to help them find more peace, more balance and more authentic creative expression in their lives. I am also dedicated to producing digital media that stimulates the soul in educational and entertaining ways!

It is a privilege and an honor to be of service and I look forward to connecting with you soon!