Beginner’s Conscious Breathing Meditation

This lesson introduces you to a meditation practice I simply refer to as Conscious Breathing. This is a great exercise for practicing focus and training your awareness on a simple anchor -- the breath!

Conscious Breathing Reflective Prompt

As you begin to work with this conscious breathing practice, start a journal and track your experiences. Write down how long you sat for. Not because this is a contest of any kind, but just for your awareness. It’s good to just be aware of where you are at in your practice!

What emotions and thoughts were present before the meditation? How did your body feel? What was the quality of your breath when you first began to breathe? What was the quality of your breath once you spent some time conscious breathing? And finally, how did your body, thoughts, or emotions shift after spending this time with the breath?

Journal your experiences for yourself and continue working with this exercise to become more familiar with your breath. The source material for this video course is my book Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend purchasing the book to follow along and get the most out of our time together. See you in the next lesson!