Automatic Writing

This lesson is an introduction to the practice of using meditation to facilitate an automatic writing session for yourself!

Energy Healing

This lesson is an introduction to energy healing and how we can tap into the healer in all of us!

Dreaming Analysis

This lesson is an introduction to dream analysis and how we may use our dreams to gain deeper insight into ourselves, our psyche and our spiritual journey!

Creative Self-Expression

This lesson discusses the value and importance of creative self-expression on our path to knowing ourselves and our loving truth more intimately!

Learning Mindful Meditation

This lesson is an introduction to a simple mindful meditation practice that has helped me on my spiritual journey!

Try This Deconditioning Exercise

This lesson walks you through the process of deconditioning or unlearning. For me, questioning my thoughts, ideas and beliefs about humanity, myself, God, the world and where those beliefs come from, how they serve me (or not) is a critical and ongoing process on the spiritual path — as far as I can tell 🙂