Try This Conscious Release Meditation To Relieve Stress

This lesson is about the Conscious Release meditation. This is a great practice for learning how to become the observer and begin consciously working with thoughts, feelings, energy and experiences that you may wish to clear from your field.

Meditation Reflective Prompt

I encourage you to continue working with this practice and keeping a journal of your experiences with this meditation over time. Take note of what was coming up that wanted to be let go. Notice how it felt to work through and release this. Also, pay attention to the color of the ball of energy you worked with.

As you continue this meditation practice look for any patterns arising. Is there a particular kind of emotional experience that is being triggered? A type of interaction? A person or environment that leaves you feeling a certain way? What color energetically comes up the most?  Becoming aware of these patterns can hold a key to unlocking healing and potential as you move forward!

The source material for this video course is my book Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend purchasing the book to follow along and get the most out of our time together. See you in the next lesson!