Deepening Our Self-Awareness With Written Thought Observation

This lesson introduces you to an written thought observation, an exercise I've used to channel my thoughts and become an outside observer of those thoughts once they are written down.

Written Thought Observation Reflective Prompt

Try setting a timer for fifteen minutes. For the first seven or so minutes just begin to write what’s on your heart and mind without censoring yourself. Don’t hold back. Don’t judge. Let it flow.

After seven minutes, take three big energy clearing breaths. Then, go back and read what you wrote as objectively as you can with the rest of the time. This helps train you to become more objective with yourself and move into a space of self-awareness.

Just read the words and try to see them in a way you would if you read another’s writing. What do you notice about the energy and emotion of the handwriting, the language and the flow?

In addition to this written thought observation exercise, another good practice is to try applying this writing technique the next time you’re having a difficult time focusing or if you’re emotionally aroused. This will boost self-awareness around your emotions.

If you can, identify when you’re in this state and try to take a ten or fifteen minute break to allow yourself to free-write your feelings.

Read what you wrote back if you feel compelled, but do so with the intention to observe and analyze the sentiment rather than emotionally re-engage.

Utilizing written thought observation like this has been helpful in helping me grow my self-awareness. I hope you find it useful too!

If you’d like more support with this exercise, make sure you check out the chapter in the book!