Energize & Balance Your Sacral Chakra

This lesson is about the sacral chakra which is connected to our sense of joy, our ability to create, and to express ourselves emotionally.

Sacral Chakra Reflective Prompt

This week, meditate on the sacral chakra and reflect on your relationship to joy, sexuality, creativity and emotional self-expression. Journal your thoughts on what brings you joy and what might obstruct you from experiencing joy.

What is your relationship to sexuality and sensuality?

What creatively gets you excited?

How do you feel most comfortable expressing your emotions?

Journal out your experiences. These reflections can really help shine a light on the energetic balance of your sacral chakra. I highly recommend reading the sacral chakra section in Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is a great reference guide for your own chakra work. See you in the next lesson!