Harmonize & Balance Your Third Eye Chakra

This lesson covers the third eye chakra which is connected to our ability to see the truth: both physically and intuitively, to inquire, to intuit, to creatively imagine. It is also the center connected to divine logic, reason, justice and ethics.

Third Eye Chakra Reflective Prompt

This week, spend some time meditating on your third eye chakra and journal about your own intuitive, psychic and metaphysical experiences.

Look at any dreams you’ve had that symbolically or perhaps very explicitly gave you intuitive insight into your life.

Reflect on moments when you had an intuition about something and it was right.

How did that feel?

Also, journal about moments when you had an intuition and didn’t listen? How did THAT feel?

This is also a good time to reflect on how your relationship with meditation has evolved and how this course may have already impacted your third eye chakra at this point.

I highly recommend reading the third eye chakra section in Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is a great reference guide for your own third eye chakra work.