Learning Mindful Meditation

This lesson is an introduction to a simple mindful meditation practice that has helped me on my spiritual journey!

Mindful Meditation Reflective Prompt

Start setting aside five minutes a day to just sit and see what thoughts come in and out during your mindful meditation practice.

Set a timer for five minutes and just be with yourself. In these quiet moments what do you notice arising? What comes to the surface? What thoughts? What feelings? What sensations?

Journal and reflect on what immediately tends to come up when you get silent and engage in a short mindful meditation.

Is it stress and anxieties or hopes and dreams? Sometimes both?

Use this practice as a way to become more aware of your internal life on a day to day basis. Mindful meditation is a great teacher on our path to self-awareness!

Don’t forget to pick up the book if you would like extra support with this section 🙂