Try This Witnessing Meditation To Explore Your Mind

This lesson is an introduction to a witnessing meditation practice and an observational approach that I found useful on my spiritual path!

Witnessing Meditation Reflective Prompt

Set a timer for ten to fifteen minutes. Drop into a soul-force field meditation and allow your thoughts, feelings and physical sensations to come and go. Be with them and aware of them as they arise, but remain in a neutral state without naming, judging or engaging with them.

Just be a witness to them — hence the name ‘witnessing meditation! See if you can simply inhale and exhale from one moment to the next, feeling these sensations, acknowledging them and then letting them go.

The same goes for thoughts. Simply inhale and exhale. Let a thought come in, witness it, acknowledge it and then let it go.

Once your timer goes off, practice remaining in this neutral state for as long as you wish and/or can. Answer for yourself, what does it feel like to be in your witnessing meditation? Can you keep a neutral mind? When is it hard to remain neutral? When is it easy?

Reflect or journal any thoughts and be sure to check out Awakening Soul Force, the book, for additional support.