Dreaming Analysis

This lesson is an introduction to dream analysis and how we may use our dreams to gain deeper insight into ourselves, our psyche and our spiritual journey!

Before you go to bed, start setting the intention to remember your dreams so you can begin your journey with dream analysis. Keep a dream journal and write down the dreams you remember in the morning.

Early on in your journey with dream analysis you may recall just a few general feelings and impressions of your dreams, but over time you will begin to retain more and more specific details. Use the Dreaming With Soul Force chapter in the book to reference general symbols and see if you can apply those concepts to your own dreams.

I highly recommend performing dream analysis on any recurring dreams and writing them down in a journal. Find friends or communities where you can share your dreams and analyze them together to help you build out your budding dream language.

If you feel called, please share any insights in the comments…I appreciate you being here!