Invitation To The Awakening Soul Force Course!

I welcome you to the Awakening Soul Force Course where we'll explore meditation, energy healing, creative self-expression, the chakras and dream analysis in a progressive and methodical manner! Follow the prompts below the video week to week to engage and reflect as you walk your path to awareness...

Awareness Prompt

To begin your spiritual journey with me and the Awakening Soul Force Course please answer these questions for yourself and your own awareness. Maybe you’ve thought about these questions a lot, maybe not at all. Either way, just take a minute to reflect and write what comes from your heart:

Who am I?
What is my loving truth?
More often than not, am I living my life in alignment with my loving truth?

There’s no right or wrong way to answer here, so don’t worry there isn’t any judgment either! Let these answers reflect your awareness when you start this journey and we’ll come back to them at the end to see what, if anything, has shifted along the way. I appreciate you being here!

The source material for this Awakening Soul Force Course is my book Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend purchasing the book to follow along. See you in the next lesson!


– jb