Try This Deconditioning Exercise

This lesson walks you through the process of deconditioning or unlearning. For me, questioning my thoughts, ideas and beliefs about humanity, myself, God, the world and where those beliefs come from, how they serve me (or not) is a critical and ongoing process on the spiritual path -- as far as I can tell :)

Deconditioning Reflective Prompt

Be sure to work through the questions in the book to help you move through this deconditioning step to get the most benefit. As you continue this journey forward, start making a note or journaling a reflection when you notice yourself bumping up against an old idea, belief or sponsoring thought that does not serve you and your highest good.

For example, this would be like becoming aware in a moment of self-judgment if you start to talk down to yourself because you have this idea that you’re not lovable.

This could also be aware of projecting a judgment onto another person without fully being open to experiencing the nuance of who they are in a given situation and context.

Write down and reflect on any moments like this that come up and then write for yourself a new script about how you’ll handle yourself the next time a similar thought or situation arises.

Please pick up a copy of the book to help you dive deeper with this deconditioning process. Look forward to seeing you in the next lesson!