Introduction To Working With Your Body’s Intuition

This lesson is a practice I refer to as Body Tuning. This exercise is great for connecting to your body's intuitive awareness to help you become more clear and honest about how you feel about things. It's a great step toward learning how to connect with your intuition.

Your Body’s Intuition Reflective Prompt

Watch the video above about working with your body’s intuition. Journal about what expansion and contraction felt like for you, as well as your yeses and noes when you perform this exercise. Calibrate and test your newfound awareness with these starter questions:

Are my eyes brown?
Am I sitting down?
Am I indoors?
Am I cold?
Did I sleep last night?

How’d these responses go? Did you get clear responses? Were they consistent with the truth and reality? Now, for your own exploration, try these more complex questions to challenge the intuition of your body and see what arises.

Journal about how your body intuitively responds to each question.

Am I happy at work/home?
Do I feel safe and secure?
Am I creatively fulfilled?
Do I tend to take on the suffering of others?
Does my social life serve my highest good?
Is Jeff totally out-of-his-mind whackadoodle?

Don’t tell me the answer to that last question 🙂 I encourage you to sit and reflect on your answers. Dig deeper and see if you can understand why your body might respond the way it did. Engaging in this reflective process can help bring unconscious things into our conscious mind and is a step toward working more with out intuition. Welcome to the process of awakening!

Remember, the source material for this video course is my book Awakening Soul Force: A Practical Guide to Awakening the Truth Within which is available on Audible and paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I highly recommend purchasing the book to follow along and get the most out of our time together. See you in the next lesson!